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Sharon Luke
 (705) 286-2098
P.O. Box 953
 Minden, ON
 K0M 2K0

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Welcome to Highland Treasures...!
Featuring the Highlands of Haliburton Tartan

Highland Treasures is a company located in the town of Minden, part of the beautiful Haliburton Highlands in Ontario.  Haliburton County is one of a few county's in Canada to have it's own District Tartan.  Our tartan is beautiful and unique...!

Commissioned, designed and registered in 1963; tartan fabric by the bolt was purchased every few years up until the mid-1980's.  Unless you can find an unusual bargain, no fabric has been available for purchase since the early 1990's. 

Highland Treasures is an education, information and product based company.  Our goal is to educate the general public about our beautiful tartan and its history; promote the use and visibility of the tartan; and through the sale of fine cloth, blankets, and souvenirs we hope to share our tartan with others. 

Everyone enjoys seeing kilts swinging in time to the pipe band, movies like Braveheart, or the growing popularity in Highland Games; proving that public interest in all things Scottish, including tartan is as strong as ever.  The reality for weaving mill industries however is that their survival now relies on more than just tartan fabric.  A number of weaving mills in the UK provide tours to the public and it is the retail sale of tartan products and gift items that has become an important part of their economy. 

We hope to take a lesson from this and support our supply of tartan by selling souvenirs.  The Highlands of Haliburton tartan fabric it is considered a custom order with a minimum of 50 metres per bolt.   We hope to finance the regular purchase of fabric through the sale of Highlands of Haliburton souvenirs - full tartan wrap mugs, bumper stickers, key chains, lapel pins and more! 

We welcome you to our website and
hope you enjoy your visit!

Help support the only remaining tartan weaving mill that does custom tartans in short runs of fabric. Anyone wanting to have articles made from a newly designed, rare or unusual tartan designs can acquire it here!! Dalgliesh Tartan Weavers has now expanded their market to include retail where it was once only for "trade" (wholesale). This is an awesome opportunity!

Woven to Order

  • from 4 yards, up to large volumes
  • every recorded tartan available
  • pure new wool, or pure silk
  • design your own tartan
  • modern, ancient, or reproduction shades

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100% Lambswool
Blankets, Scarves,
& Rectangular Shawls!!

Limited Quantities!
Woven by Lochcarron
Of Scotland

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Wool Blend
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